Our vision

  • To lead the market by presenting to our clientel the highest levels of tests accuracy in the fastest time possible, with affordable prices.

Our objective

  • To be The reference for all labs in the middle east and to operate 100 labs by the end of 2021

Our mission

  • Arab International Labs is an Egyptian, private equity Joint Stock Company , that work in the field of managing Medical Labs. It is located in 7 Gesr El Suez St., Heliopolis -Cairo. It is specialized in conducting all types of medical tests( CBC, Hormones, Viruses, Chemicals, Bacteriology, Immunology, molecular biology…etc)


Our values

  • Honesty
    We realize the importance and cruciality of our business, and that complete honesty and transparency is the foundation of our work
  • Team Work
    Team work is a pillar in our success delivering accurate, cost efficient and timely manner results.
  • Excellence
    Our core values are always in front of our eyes, that’s why we accept nothing but total excellence.