• Our References:
    Arab international Labs for Medical Analysis is an Egyptian joint stock company established in August 2012 and registered with the Egyptian Ministry of Investment, where it works in the field of medical analysis of all kinds in cooperation with major international companies, to provide the best service to the members of society, Companies and Organization
  • Co. Services & Pre-recruitment analysis:
    To perform tests for Pre-recruitment medical tests to determine the health status of the applicant for the job and whether he suffers from any chronic disease or any type of drug, or to find out if the applicant is suffering from any type of virus.
  • Deal with us:
    The company is pleased to cooperate with you. We offer our services by conducting all medical analyzes through the latest, most accurate and fastest laboratory devices at special prices for corporate contracts. Our services cover a wide range of companies, universities, professional syndicates and the health sector.
  • Research Services for Students & Uni.:
    We provide the possibility of conducting research and medical studies for university and postgraduate students, providing them with the latest units and analytical devices in cooperation with international companies, and providing a specialized technological training program in medical analysis according to internationally approved standards.