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    In order for the Arab labs to aim for the patient’s comfort first, we provided a team of doctors and chemists who are qualified to withdraw samples in the event that the patient is unable to go to the branch only, contact the nearest branch to you and give the receptionist the address and the time you want the delegate to attend and one of the representatives of the samples will be present at the specified location and time
  • Conditions and requirements for analysis:
    The conditions and requirements of the analysis must be observed in order to ensure accurate results, such as taking into account the tightness of sealing the tubes and containers for samples and not contaminating them from the outside in order to prevent infection or diseases that may result from the handling of samples or the pollution of the sample.

Conditions and requirements for analysis

  • Fasting Sugar:
    Fasting is required for 8 hours (cases are accepted from 6-10 hours) in order to complete the combustion of sugar and take the ratio and the patient is fasting The condition is required 6-8 hours (cases are accepted from 6-10 hours) in order to complete the combustion of sugar and take the ratio and the patient is fasting, and only drinking water is allowed during Fasting period
  • Sugar curve:
    The patient comes to the laboratory fasting and a sample is taken from him and then he takes a dose of glucose provided by the laboratory and is calculated according to the weight of each patient then samples are taken after half an hour and then an hour and then two hours and then three hours after taking the dose of glucose and it is not allowed to eat any food or drink during the period of the curve and allows Only by consuming water and treatment, and the curve is made after a fast of 10 - 16 hours. It is preferable to do the analysis from 7 to 9 in the morning. It is necessary to relax (sit throughout the test period) (3 hours), and refrain from smoking during the analysis.
  • Blood lipids:
    Fasting is required from 12 to 14 hours (cases are accepted from 10-14 hours) in order for the absorption of fat into the blood and a stable proportion. It is allowed to drink water only during the fasting period and refrain from smoking during the fasting period
  • Blood Cholesterol:
    Fasting is required from 6 to 16 hours
  • Urine pregnancy test:
    First urine is preferred in the morning because the pregnancy hormone is more concentrated with less fluid intake in the evening before the analysis so that the concentration of the hormone does not diminish if the result is negative. We suggest carrying out a pregnancy test through the blood because this test is more sensitive, and the analysis is done in the urine after the passage of 7 Days of menopause .
  • Urine farm analysis:
    It is required to wash the hand and the genitals with water and soap, and to cleanse the urine opening with the disinfectant (Dettol), then wash it again with water to remove the excess disinfectant, then empty the first urine points in the toilet and put the rest in the sterile container provided by the laboratory, as it is preferable to refrain from taking the antibiotic for 48 hours in order to We give the microbe an opportunity to grow
  • Urine 3 days in a row:
    First urine is required in the morning and it is preferable to send each sample to the lab on the same day.
  • Collection of urine 24 hours:
    The patient empties the bladder completely in the bathroom and records the time at that time. Then he collects any urine after that in a suitable bottle that is clean, dry and sufficient for collection. The urine collection continues until the same time that the collection started from the next day and the urine is kept in the refrigerator until it is sent to the laboratory. Some tests require a preservative to be placed in the package before collection.
  • Hydroxyprolene:
    Collect urine for 24 hours in a special bottle containing acid that the patient will receive from the lab, while abstaining from meat and gelatin for 48 hours.
  • 5HIAA:
    Collect urine 24 hours in a special bottle containing acid that the patient will receive from the laboratory, and abstaining for a minimum of 72 hours is required to eat pineapple, plum, kiwi, nuts, avocado, banana and tomato.
  • Macro prolactin:
    Fasting is recommended from 6-8 hours.
  • It is required not to have intercourse for 48 hours and urine reservation for a period of not less than an hour before the examination and (preferably) to abstain from the antibiotic for a period of not less than 48 hours
    Fasting is recommended from 6-8 hours.
  • Micro-albuminu-Random:
    The second morning urine sample without making any effort.
  • 24 Hour Collection Urine Samples Without a Preservative:
    Protein - Microalbumin - Creatinine clearance - Na - K - Oxalate - Calcium - Phosphorus - lead - mercury - Osmolality-cortisol.
  • Catecholamine, VMA:
    Urine is collected 24 hours in a special bottle that contains acid that the patient receives from the laboratory. It is required to abstain for a period of not less than 72 hours from drinking tea, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, licorice and soda.
  • Creatinine Clearance:
    Requires 24-hour urine collection & serum sample patient's weight and height is required.
  • Farm stools
    The sample is required to reach the laboratory within two hours at most, because there are some microbes that die quickly and do not accept samples in Pampers or carton boxes because they absorb fluids from the sample and dehydration kills the microbes and prefers to refrain from the antibiotic for 48 hours and if you bring the sample from home write that on the seals Order
  • Urea breath test:
    Refrain from antibiotics and antacids for 5 days and fast 8 hours.
  • Hidden blood analysis in the stool:
    The patient refuses for 48 hours from consuming all types of red meat, liver, radishes, rheumatic medicines, or medicines that contain aspirin, vitamin C, cortisone, or iron, and laxatives are not allowed.
  • Semen Analysis:
    Refrain from sexual intercourse or wet dreams is required for a period of not less than 3 consecutive days and not exceeding 7 days in order for the quantity not to be affected as it is preferable to give the sample in the laboratory with attention to placing the first points of semen in the bottle for that, because these points have 3/4 the number of sperms But if you bring the sample from home, this is written in a clear line on the order or as it is written at the time of bringing the sample and it is not allowed to accept a sample from the home that has been more than 20 minutes .
  • PSA:
    The patient refrains 10 days before the analysis is performed from inserting an endoscope or catheter because this will affect the result of the analysis unless there is another opinion of the doctor and its we will write that on the job order. Prostate examination does not affect this test. .
  • Urethral Discharge:
    collect urine into the bladder for an hour before testing (until the urethra is completely dry to make sure that the existing microbe is from the penis and not the urine).
  • Gynecological smear:
    It is required not to have intercourse for two days in order to make sure that the existing microbe from the uterus is not from the semen and not to wash the vagina for 24 hours before performing the analysis and it is preferable to refrain from the antibiotic for 48 hours.
  • PCR:
    Gloves should be worn to avoid inserting cells into the tube that contain the patient's blood.
  • Decoy cells in Urine:
    The second urine sample in the morning three consecutive days, to be brought at the time of the delegate's descent.
  • Fibrotest - Actitest Analysis of cirrhosis :
    Carefully write the date of birth - weight - height - patient must be fasting from 12 to 14 hours in Fibromax.
  • Medicines (asthma, heart, epilepsy):
    The drug is taken for a period of 5 days regularly with the aim of reaching the drug to a stable blood level, and it is not required to vomit or diarrhea for 48 hours before performing the analysis because this will affect the dose and thus the level of the drug in the blood, a sample is taken before any dose to calculate the proportion of the drug at the lowest level (Trough) then Another sample is taken several hours after taking the medicine (varies from one drug to another) to calculate the highest percentage of the drug in the blood (Peak) so that we make sure that the dose the patient is taking is the effective dose without reaching drug toxicity.
  • Platelet Function Tests:
    10-hour fasting is required and aspirin cessation, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anticoagulants
  • G6PD
    It is required that the analysis not be carried out after a blood transfusion or a relapse occurs only after 3-4 weeks have passed.
  • Iron – TIBC
    It is preferable to fast from 6-8 hours and to attend in the morning after the end of the menstrual period before starting iron therapy or blood transfusion.
  • Sedimentation speed:
    Fasting is recommended from (6-8 hours).
  • Cyclosporin:
    Not eating citrus and fatty meals before the analysis, and when making follow-up, it is preferable to withdraw the sample in the same period of the day, morning or evening period
  • CA-19.9:
    It is preferable to fast from 6 to 8 hours because this test is specific to the digestive system and any food that the patient eats raises the membranes lining the digestive system and this affects the result .
  • Double and Triple Test:
    Analysis of the Mongolian child during pregnancy we asking about the date of birth - age - weight - the first day of the last cycle - the number of weeks of pregnancy - is the woman smoked or not - does she suffer from diabetes - does she suffer from high blood pressure - did a previous pregnancy occur and what is the result of this pregnancy - report of weeks Pregnancy by sonar and the number of fetuses.
  • Pathological analysis :b>
    Its write the report on pathology samples and attaches to the sample (patient's name - gender - age - sample type - clinical condition).
  • Analysis Fibrotes -Actitest:
    consider writing Birthday accurately - weight - height - the patient must be fasting from 12 to 14 hours. For Fibromax test.
  • Thyroid Gland Analysis:
    o write the name of a medication that the patient takes
    o was the gland removed or not .
  • Stone Analyzes:
    you must write the origin of stone Is it from the urethra or bile ducts.
  • karyotyping analysis:
    The report on the analysis is written and attached to the sample (patient name - gender - age - gender - reason for the analysis).
  • Post coital test:
    Abstinence from sexual intercourse is required 3 days before testing and sleeping on the back for two hours with the waist lifted with a pillow after sexual intercourse and no vaginal rinsing (internally), whether with a shower or with fingers before and after sexual intercourse.
  • Liquidity Analysis PT - PTT:
    Is it known whether the patient takes medications for liquidity or not? And if he takes any liquid medicines such as (Marivan - Heparin - Coumadin - Vitamin K), they are written and know the dosing regimen and when to start treatment, and whether he stopped treatment, and when and if and if he takes any other medicines alongside them such as aspirin drugs - rheumatism drugs, then they are written .
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