• Test Results:
    In Arab International Labs we have special unit for other laboratories investigation works during 24 hours divided in three shifts to deliver result within maximum 24 hours from receiving samples, samples that arrive in first and second shift reported in the same day others reported in next day morning. You can get the report in different ways (WhatsApp, Email, App and Website)
  • Complaints and inquiries:
    Our customer service team replay to your inquiries and questions also we have a specialist team to answer on medical questions which is unknown for our customers and of course they can report the result if it available.
  • Lab to Lab Price list:
    We offer you our lab to lab price list, we have big list of medical investigation which use required for diagnosis over the world, under the economic situation and high prices, we decided to reduce our prices so that we can support your business.
  • Laboratories Services Also known as (Lab to Lab):
    We received your samples during the day from 8 am to 11 pm in the main branch, our team are available from 8 am to 11 pm to receive your samples, process your investigation and reporting results.

Customer service, complaints and inquiries numbers

  • Main Branch - To receive the results inside Cairo:
    022570586 / 01118700299 / 01140020016
  • To report the results of the provinces - customer service:
    01100697614 / 01273524362 / 01201427619 / 01090460038
  • Marketing of laboratories in Cairo

    01149929107 / 01149934486
  • If you need any type of analysis and can not find it contact us
  • Department of marketing laboratories for different Governorates

    01206523332 / 01009769771 / 01206523332
  • Additional analysis is available Please contact us