• The medical section:
    Egyptian cure bank
    Health insurance organization
    Amoun pharmaceutical co
    National cancer institute
    ELAmal Hospital
    Heliopolis Hospital
    ElDoaa hospital
    ElTawheed charitable hospital
    ElDemerdash Hospital
    Sayed galal hospital
    ElZayton Specialist hospital
    Mansheat elbakry hospital
    Wadi el nile hospital
  • Professional Associations Section:
    Engineers Syndicate
    Scientific Professions Syndicate
    Doctors Syndicate
    Trade Syndicate
    Journalists Syndicate
    Lawyers Syndicate
    Education Professions Syndicate
    Peasant Syndicate
  • Universities section:
  • Companies section:
    Helwan company for Engineering industries
    ElNile for Iron alloys
    Egyptian company for Iron alloys
    The Ministry of Manpower
    Arabic company for manufacturing iron alloys
    Mesr company for aluminum
    Petrogas company
    Hayah company for Educational services
    Egy med company
    Next care company
    Extra company for services
    Banque du Caire
    Egy care company
    Professional health care company
    One care company
    Enterhealth Egypt company
    Leoni wiring company
    Egyptian Post Authority
    Bernasos shop
    Easy care company
    Medcom care company
    DMS company
    ALFA care
  • Also:
    • We performed medical tests for Zamalek club players.
    • Sponsors of the Resala Blood Donation Campaign for the
      period from 2013 to 2016.
    • Sponsors of the first phase of the detection of the virus (C & B)
      for students of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Russian Egyptian
    • Sponsored of virus (C & B ) detection campaign for
      Cockdoor in collaboration with Amon Pharmaceuticals.